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Puerto Rico NPDES Permits

EPA issues all NPDES permits within Puerto Rico (see table below).

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Final and Draft Permits

Click on the facility/permit in the table below to view the permit and supporting documents.

Puerto Rico NPDES Permits
Location Facility or Permit Name Permit Number Permit Type Permit Status Effective Date
Caguas Parcelas Borinquen Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025101 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Ceiba Ceiba Sur Water Treatment Plant PR0025119 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Aibonito La Plata Water Treatment Plant PR0025755 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Cayey Farallon Water Treatment Plant (Cayey) PR0026077 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Guayama Guayama Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025445 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Adjuntas Guilarte Water Treatment Plant PR0026191 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Naguabo Rio Blanco Water Treatment Plant PR0022845 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Utuado Roncador Water Treatment Plant PR0026271 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Rio Grande Guzman Arriba Water Treatment Plant PR0022471 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Naranjito Cedro Arriba Water Treatment Plant PR0022659 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Luquillo Luquillo Water Treatment Plant PR0022802 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Maricao Maricao Water Treatment Plant PR0022969 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Yauco Rio Prieto Water Treatment Plant PR0025411 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Arecibo Superacueducto Water Treatment Plant (Norte) PR0026085 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Guayanilla Guayanes Water Treatment Plant PR0026409 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Rio Grande Morovis-Rio Grande Water Treatment Plant PR0026611 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 06/12/2019
Dorado Argos Puerto Rico Corporation PR0001163 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 04/05/2019
Vega Baja Pfizer Pharmaceuticals PR0023451 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 04/05/2019
Caguas Caguas Sur Water Treatment Plant PR0022888 Individual Final 05/01/2019
San German Cain Alto Water Treatment Plant PR0026204 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Naguabo Naguabo El-Duque Water Treatment Plant PR0022853 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Luquillo El Yunque Water Treatment Plant PR0023931 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Las Marias Esperanza Water Treatment Plant PR0025950 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Isabela Guajataca Water Treatment Plant PR0025721 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Guayanilla Guayanilla Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020494 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Gurabo Gurabo Water Treatment Plant PR0026743 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Maricao Indiera Alta Water Treatment Plant PR0025194 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Guayanilla Jagua Pasto Water Treatment Plant PR0024678 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Ciales Jaguas y Pesas Water Treatment Plant PR0025968 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Barranquitas La Boca (Barranquitas) Water Treatment Plant PR0026595 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Lajas Lajas Water Treatment Plant PR0020985 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Maricao Maricao Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020648 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Mayaguez Mayaguez, Ponce de León Water Treatment Plant PR0022900 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Maricao Monte del Estado Water Treatment Plant PR0022934 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Peñuelas Peñuelas Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020761 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Ponce Ponce Water Treatment Plant PR0022756 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Rio Grande Rio Grande Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0023264 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Peñuelas Rucio Water Treatment Plant PR0025798 Individual Final 05/01/2019
San Sebastian San Sebastian Old Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020851 Individual Final 05/01/2019
San Sebastian San Sebastian Water Treatment Plant PR0023981 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Morovis Unibón Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0024904 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Yabucoa Yabucoa, La Pica Water Treatment Plant PR0022837 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Adjuntas Yahuecas Water Treatment Plant PR0026948 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Yauco Yauco Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0021661 Individual Final 05/01/2019
Ponce Ponce Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0021563 Individual Final 08/01/2019
Adjuntas Adjuntas Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020214 Individual Final 09/27/2018
Fajardo Fajardo Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0026484 Individual Final 09/27/2018
Ponce Guaraguao Water Treatment Plant PR0024651 Individual Final 09/27/2018
San Lorenzo Jagual Water Treatment Plant PR0025470 Individual Final 09/27/2018
Las Marias Las Marias Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020583 Individual Final 09/27/2018
Peñuelas Peñuelas Water Treatment Plant PR0022772 Individual Final 09/27/2018
Arecibo Rio Arriba Water Treatment Plant PR0025534 Individual Final 09/27/2018
San Sebastian San Sebastian (New) Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025551 Individual Final 09/27/2018
Orocovis Sanamuerto Water Treatment Plant PR0026735 Individual Final 09/27/2018
Carolina Trujillo Bajo Water Treatment Plant, Municipality of Carolina PR0026719 Individual Final 09/27/2018
Humacao Humacao Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025399 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Villalba Aceitunas Water Treatment Plant PR0026671 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Cidra Cidra Water Treatment Plant PR0022543 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Adjuntas Adjuntas (Olimpia) Water Treatment Plant PR0022691 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Corozal Negros Water Treatment Plant PR0024422 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Aguadilla Culebrinas Water Treatment Plant PR0026557 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Yabucoa Yabucoa Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0021717 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Morovis Morovis Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020711 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Jayuya Jayuya Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0026531 Individual Final 01/01/2019
Barranquitas Barranquitas Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025861 Individual Final 01/01/2019
San Juan PREPA San Juan Power Plant PR0000698 Individual Final 09/01/2018
San Sebastian Hoyamala Ward Secondary School Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0021317 Individual Final 10/01/2018
Guayanilla PREPA Costa Sur Power Plant PR0001147 Individual Final 09/01/2018
Villalba Apeadero Water Treatment Plant PR0024686 Individual Draft N/A
Barranquitas Barranquitas Water Treatment Plant PR0022497 Individual Draft N/A
Cabo Rojo Betances Water Treatment Plant PR0026875 Individual Draft N/A
Coamo  Coamo Water Treatment Plant PR0022764 Individual Draft N/A
Various General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems in Puerto Rico (Small MS4 GP) PRR040000
Stormwater/General Final 07/01/2016
Naranjito Naranjito Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020737  Individual Draft N/A
Barranquitas Barranquitas Water Treatment Plant PR0022501 Individual Draft N/A
Yauco Yauco Water Treatment Plant PR0022675 Individual Draft N/A
Villalba Villalba (Jagüeyes) Water Treatment Plant PR0022748 Individual Draft N/A
Ciales Las Delicias Water Treatment Plant PR0025216 Individual Draft N/A
Ponce Hogares Seguros Water Treatment Plant PR0025810 Individual Draft N/A
Utuado Santa Isabel-Utuado Water Treatment Plant PR0026185 Individual Draft N/A
Ciales Fronton Water Treatment Plant PR0026441 Individual Draft N/A
Jayuya La Pica Water Treatment Plant PR0026824 Individual Draft N/A
San Lorenzo Espino Water Treatment Plant PR0026832 Individual Draft N/A
San Lorenzo PPPBA Espino Ward Secondary PR0024287 Individual Final  10/01/2017
Mayagüez Mayaguez Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0023795  Individual Final 12/01/2016
Jayuya Mameyes Arriba (Mameyes Limon) Water Treatment Plant PR0025224 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Toa Alta Enrique Ortega Water Treatment Plant PR0022616 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Añasco Añasco Water Treatment Plant PR0022942 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Adjuntas Adjuntas New Water Treatment Plant PR0025379 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Bayamon Barrio Nuevo Water Treatment Plant PR0026301 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Lares Lares Nueva Water Treatment Plant PR0026701 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Minillas Minillas Water Treatment Plant PR0026794 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Aguas Buenas Aguas Buenas Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020273 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Ciales Ciales Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020427 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Jayuya Jayuya Water Treatment Plant PR0024121 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Ciales Ciales Water Treatment Plant PR0024180 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Utuado Mameyes Abajo Water Treatment Plant PR0025208 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Cidra Cayey Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025536 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Vieques Vieques Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025453 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Patillas Patillas Water Treatment Plant PR0025526 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Caguas Caguas Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025976 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Culebra Culebra Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0026549 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Vega Baja Vega Baja Water Treatment Plant PR0024104 Individual Final 12/01/2016
Trujillo Alto S.U. La Gloria Ward School Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025577 Individual Final 11/01/2016
Naguabo Silverio Garcia Clara Ward School Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025313 Individual Final 11/01/2016
Ponce Municipality of Ponce Sanitary Landfill PR0025844 Individual Final 11/01/2016
Peñuelas EcoEléctrica, L.P. PR0025984 Individual Final 11/01/2016
Levittown Palo Seco Power Plant PR0001031 Individual Final 04/01/2016
Aguas Buenas Aguas Buenas Water Treatment Plant  PR0022896 Individual Draft N/A
Corozal Corozal Water Treatment Plant PR0022624 Individual Draft N/A
Isabela Isabela Water Treatment Plant PR0026638 Individual Draft N/A
Peñuelas Jagua Ceiba Water Treatment Plant PR0026841 Individual Draft N/A
Peñuelas Mal Paso Water Treatment Plant PR0026395 Individual Draft N/A
Morovis Morovis Norte Water Treatment Plant PR0024112 Individual Draft N/A
Yauco Rancheras Water Treatment Plant PR0024660 Individual Draft N/A
Lares Lares Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025879 Individual Draft N/A
Carolina Villas del Gigante Development PR0026042 Individual Final 11/01/2015
Mayagüez Antillean Adventist University PR0026492 Individual Final 11/01/2015
Vega Alta Caribe GE of Puerto Rico, LLC PR0000566 Individual Final 12/01/2014
Bayamon Puma Energy Caribe, LLC  PR0000370 Individual Draft N/A
San Juan RIMCO, Inc. PR0000477 Individual Final 11/01/2014
Guaynabo Nutrimix Feed Company, Inc. PR0024619 Individual Final 11/01/2014
Jayuya Second Unit Mamayes Ward School PR0023132 Individual Final 06/01/2014
Ponce Ramos y Morales Correctional Academy PR0026093 Individual Final 06/01/2014
Arroyo Yaurel Elementary and Intermediate School Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0023094 Individual Draft N/A
Cataño Messer Gas Puerto Rico Inc. PR0001325 Individual Draft N/A
Peñuelas Commonwealth Oil Refining Company, Inc. PR0000345 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 04/05/2019
Río Grande El Yunque Treatment Plant Corporation PR0026310 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 04/05/2019
Maricao Monte del Estado Vacation Center Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025925 Individual Draft N/A
San Sebastián Aibonito Beltran School Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0025143 Individual Draft N/A
Peñuelas Peñuelas Technology Park, LLC PR0000418 Individual Draft Public Notice date: 04/05/2019
Cataño Bacardi Corp. PR #165 PR0000591 Individual Final 12/01/2011
Cabo Rojo Compañía de Parques Nacionales de Puerto Rico PR0021326 Individual Draft N/A
Juncos AMGEN Manufacturing Limited PR0026695 Individual Final 12/01/2018
Barranquitas Lajitas Ward School Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0023124 Individual Final 11/01/2010
Coamo Second Unit Cuyón Ward School PR0025569 Individual Draft N/A
Río Grande Coco Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0026425 Individual Draft N/A
Salinas PREPA Aguirre Power Plant Complex PR0001660 Individual Final 06/01/2019
Peñuelas EcoElectrica LNG Terminal and Cogeneration Project PR0025984 Individual Final 11/01/2010
Culebra Snapperfarm, Inc. PR0026361 Individual Final 01/01/2010
Canovanas Cubuy Water Treatment Plant PR0022462  Individual Draft N/A
Dorado Dorado Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020460 Individual Draft N/A
Guánica Guánica Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020486 Individual Draft N/A
Yabucoa Guayabota Water Treatment Plant PR00227998 Individual Draft N/A
Guayama Guayama Water Treatment Plant PR0022578 Individual Draft N/A
Isabela Isabela Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0022250 Individual Draft N/A
Las Piedras Juncos Water Treatment Plant PR0022811 Individual Draft N/A
Las Marias Las Marias Water Treatment Plant PR0026930 Individual Draft N/A
Naguabo Maizales Water Treatment Plant PR0026905 Individual Draft N/A
Orocovis Matrullas Water Treatment Plant PR0026808 Individual Draft N/A
Maunabo Maunabo Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020656 Individual Draft N/A
Mayaguez Miradero Water Treatment Plant PR0023990 Individual Draft N/A
Orocovis Orocovis Water Treatment Plant PR0022705 Individual Draft N/A
Patillas Patillas Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020753 Individual Draft N/A
Ponce Ponce Vieja Water Treatment Plant PR0022781 Individual Draft N/A
Ponce Real Anon Water Treatment Plant PR0025852 Individual Draft N/A
Utuado Sabana Grande Water Treatment Plant PR0024007 Individual Draft N/A
Utuado Sabana Grande Water Treatment Plant PR0026255 Individual Draft N/A
San Germán San Germán Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0020818 Individual Draft N/A
Vega Baja Vega Baja Wastewater Treatment Plant PR0021679 Individual Draft N/A
Guayanilla Demaco Corporation PR0000086 Individual Draft N/A
Aguada Atalaya Ward School PR0023159 Individual Draft N/A
Guaynabo Puma Energy PR0025305 Individual Final 10/01/2017