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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Contact Us: Stormwater

Headquarters Contacts

Construction Stormwater - Emily Halter (halter.emily@epa.gov) (202) 564-3324
Industrial Stormwater - Bryan Rittenhouse (rittenhouse.bryan@epa.gov) (202) 564-0577
Municipal Stormwater - Holly Galavotti (galavotti.holly@epa.gov) (202) 564-1489


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Regional Contacts

Region 1: Boston (serving CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, and VT)
Newton Tedder  (tedder.newton@epa.gov) (617) 918-1038
Suzanne Warner (warner.suzanne@epa.gov) (617) 918-1383
Dave Gray (gray.davidj@epa.gov) (617) 918-1577
For CGP questions: Suzanne Warner (warner.suzanne@epa.gov) (617) 918-1577
For CGP noncompliance reporting: Andrew Spejewski (spejewski.andrew@epa.gov) (617) 918-1014

Region 2: New York City (serving NJ, NY, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands)
Stephen Venezia (venezia.stephen@epa.gov) (212) 637-3856 
Sergio Bosques (bosques.sergio@epa.gov) (787) 977-5838  
For CGP questions in NY: Stephen Venezia (venezia.stephen@epa.gov) (212) 637-3856
For CGP noncompliance reporting in NY: Justine Modigliani (modigliani.justine@epa.gov) (212) 637-4268
For CGP questions in Puerto Rico: Sergio Bosques (bosques.sergio@epa.gov) (787) 977-5838
For CGP noncompliance reporting in Puerto Rico: Nancy Rodríguez (rodriguez.nancy@epa.gov) (787) 977-5887

Region 3: Philadelphia (serving DE, DC, MD, PA, VA, and WV)
Andy Dinsmore (dinsmore.andrew@epa.gov) (215) 814-2788
For CGP questions and noncompliance reporting: Carissa Moncavage (moncavage.carissa@epa.gov) (215) 814-5798

Region 4: Atlanta (serving AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, and TN)
Ramanathan Sampath (sampath.ramanathan@2epa.gov) (404) 562-9229
Mike Mitchell (mitchell.michael@epa.gov) (404) 562-9303
For CGP questions and noncompliance reporting: Mike Mitchell (mitchell.michael@epa.gov) (404) 562-9303

Region 5: Chicago (serving IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, and WI)
Brian Bell (bell.brianc@epa.gov) (312) 886-0981
For CGP questions and noncompliance reporting: Brian Bell (bell.brianc@epa.gov) (312) 886-0981

Region 6: Dallas (serving AR, LA, NM, OK, and TX)
Suzanna Perea (perea.suzanna@epa.gov) (214) 665-7217
Nelly Smith (smith.nelly@epa.gov) (214) 665-7109
Nasim Jahan (Jahan.Nasim@epa.gov) (214) 665-7522
For CGP questions: Suzanna Perea (perea.suzanna@epa.gov) (214) 665-7217)
For CGP noncompliance reporting: Region 6 NPDES Reporting (R6_NPDES_Reporting@epa.gov)

Region 7: Kansas City (serving IA, KS, MO, and NE)
Mark Matthews (matthews.mark@epa.gov) (913) 551-7635
For CGP questions: Mark Matthews (Matthews.mark@epa.gov) (913) 551-7635)
For CGP noncompliance reporting: Cynthia Sans (sans.cynthia@epa.gov) (913) 551-7492

Region 8: Denver (serving CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, and WY)
Amy Clark (clark.amy@epa.gov) (303) 312-7014
For CGP questions: Gregory Davis (davis.gregory@epa.gov) (303) 312-6314)
For CGP noncompliance reporting: Assessment/Emergency Response Program (303) 293-1788

Region 9: San Francisco (serving AZ, CA, HI, NV, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, and Republic of Palau)
Eugene Bromley (bromley.eugene@epa.gov) (415) 972-3510
For CGP questions: Eugene Bromley (bromley.eugene@epa.gov) (415) 972-3510
For CGP noncompliance reporting: David Wampler (wampler.david@epa.gov) (415) 972-3975

Region 10: Seattle (serving AK, ID, OR, and WA)
Stacey Kim (kim.stacey@epa.gov) (206) 553-1380
Margaret McCauley (mccauley.margaret@epa.gov) (206) 553-1772
Misha Vakoc (vakoc.misha@epa.gov) (206) 553-6650
For CGP questions: Margaret McCauley (mccauley.margaret@epa.gov) (206-553-1772)
For CGP noncompliance reporting: Region 10 Stormwater (R10_Stormwater@epa.gov) (206) 553-1846. Leave a description of the problem, your contact information, and your CGP tracking number.

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State Agency Contacts

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Alabama Department of Environmental Management Water Division
James Grassiano (jgrassiano@adem.state.al.us) (334) 271-7801  
Richard Hulcher (rfh@adem.state.al.us) (334) 394-4311  
Lee Warren (dlw@adem.state.al.us) (334) 271-7845  


Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
William Ashton (william.ashton@alaska.gov) (907) 269-6283 


Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division, Stormwater Program
Christopher Henninger (henninger.christopher@azdeq.gov) (602) 771-4508  
Spencer York (york.spencer@azdeq.gov) (602) 771-4502  


Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality 
Jamal Solaimanian (jamal@adeq.state.ar.us) (501) 682-0648 

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California State Water Resources Control Board, Stormwater Program
Laurel Warddrip (stormwater@waterboards.ca.gov)  (916) 341-5531 
Walt Shannon (stormwater@waterboards.ca.gov) (916) 341-5497  


Colorado Department of Health and Environmental, Water Quality Control Division 
(303) 692-3555  


Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Stormwater Program
Chris Stone (chris.stone@po.state.ct.us) (860) 424-3850

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Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control
Beau Croll (beau.croll@state.de.us) (302) 739-9946
Jamie Rutherford (jamie.rutherford@state.de.us) (302) 739-9921  

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment
Jeffrey Seltzer (jeffrey.seltzer@dc.gov) (202) 535-1603
EPA Region 3 Stormwater Program
Kaitlyn Bendik (bendik.kaitlyn@epa.gov) (215) 814-2709 

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Florida Department of Environmental Protection 
npdes-stormwater@dep.state.fl.us (npdes-stormwater@dep.state.fl.us) (850) 245-7522 

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Georgia Environmental Protection Division 
Frances Carpenter (frances.carpenter@dnr.state.ga.us) (404) 675-6240
Glen Behrend (glen.behrend@dnr.state.ga.us) (404) 675-6240
Michael Berry (Acting) (michael.berry@dnr.state.ga.us) (404) 651-8554


EPA Region 9 Stormwater Program
Eugene Bromley (bromley.eugene@epa.gov) (415) 972-3510  
Guam Environmental Protection Agency 
Maricar Quezon (maricar.quezon@guamepa.net) (671) 475-1633

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Hawaii State Department of Health, Clean Water Branch
Alec Wong (alec.wong@doh.hawaii.gov) (808) 586-4309 

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EPA Region 10 Stormwater Program
Misha Vakoc (vakoc.misha@epa.gov) (206) 553-6650 


Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Stormwater Program
Alan Keller, P.E. (al.keller@illinois.gov) (217) 782-0610 


Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Randy Braun (rbraun@idem.in.gov) (317) 234-3980  


Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Stormwater Program
Joe Griffin (joe.griffin@dnr.iowa.gov) (515) 281-7017

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Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Stormwater Program
Larry Hook (lhook@kdhe.state.ks.us) (785) 296-5549  
Rance Walker, P.E. (rcwalker@kdhe.ks.gov) (785) 296-5537  


Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, Stormwater Program
Abigail Rains (abigail.rains@ky.gov) (502) 564-3410

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Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality 
Lenny Young (lenny.young@la.gov) (225) 219-3013 

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Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Stormwater Program
David Ladd (david.ladd@maine.gov) (207) 287-5404


Maryland Department of the Environment
Paul Hlavinka (paul.hlavinka@maryland.gov) (410) 537-3631
Administrative Team for the General Permit for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity (410) 537-3019


Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection 
Frederick Civian (frederick.civian@state.ma.us) (617) 292-5821  
EPA Region 1 Stormwater Program
Thelma Murphy (murphy.thelma@epa.gov) (617) 918-1615  


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Stormwater Program
Christie Alwin (alwinc@michigan.gov) (517) 284-6656


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Stormwater Program
Marni Karnowski (marni.karnowski@state.mn.us) (651) 757-2495  


Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Permits Division
Jerry Cain (jerry_cain@deq.state.ms.us) (601) 961-5102


Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Michael Abbott (michael.abbott@dnr.mo.gov) (573) 522-1139  


Montana Department of Environmental Quality, Water Permits
Rainie Devaney (rdevaney@mt.gov) (406) 444-6769  

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Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, NPDES Program
Reuel Anderson (reuel.anderson@nebraska.gov) (402) 471-1367  
Patrick Berge (patrick.berge@nebraska.gov) (402) 471-2188  
Blayne Renner (blayne.renner@nebraska.gov) (402) 471-8330  


Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Stormwater Permits
Clifford Lawson, P.E. (clawson@ndep.nv.gov) (775) 687-9435  
Steve McGoff, P.E. (smcgoff@ndep.nv.gov) (775) 687-9429  

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Jeff Andrews (jandrews@des.state.nh.us) (603) 271-2984  
EPA Region 1 Stormwater Program
Thelma Murphy (murphy.thelma@epa.gov) (617) 918-1615  

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Quality, Stormwater Discharges
Barry Chalofsky (barry.chalofsky@dep.state.nj.us) (609) 633-7021

New Mexico

New Mexico Environment Department
Bruce J. Yurdin (Bruce.Yurdin@state.nm.us) (505) 827-2795

New York

New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Stormwater Information
Shohreh Karimipor (sxkarimi@gw.dec.state.ny.us) (518) 402-8123

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources 
Bradley Bennett (bradley.bennett@ncdenr.gov) (919) 807-6378  

North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Health 
Dallas Grossman (dgrossma@nd.gov) (701) 328-5242   

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Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Stormwater Program
Jason Fyffe (jason.fyffe@epa.ohio.gov) (614) 728-1793
Harry Kallipolitis (Harry.Kallipolitis@epa.ohio.gov) (614) 644-2146


Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, Stormwater Program
Karen Milford (karen.milford@deq.ok.gov) (405) 702-8100


Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Permit Program
Benjamin Benninghoff (benninghoff.benjamin@deq.state.or.us) (503) 229-5185  
Jenine Camilleri (camilleri.jenine@deq.state.or.us) (503) 229-6775

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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection 
Lee McDonnell (lmcdonnell@pa.gov) (717) 787-5017
Andrew Gaul (agaul@pa.gov) (717) 787-0129  
Jennifer Orr (jeorr@pa.gov) (717) 772-5961

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board
Wanda Garcia (wandagarcia@jca.gobierno.pr) (787) 767-8181 

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Rhode Island 

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Stormwater Program
Margarita Chatterton (margarita.chatterton@dem.ri.gov) (401) 222-6820  

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South Carolina 

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Stormwater Program
Arturo Ovalles (ovallear@dhec.sc.gov) (803) 898-4178  
Jill Stewart, P.E. (stewarjc@dhec.sc.gov) (803) 898-0439  

South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Stormwater Permits
Doug Baldwin (douglas.baldwin@state.sd.us) (605) 394-2229  
William Marcouiller (william.marcouiller@state.sd.us) 1-800-737-8676  

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Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Stormwater Permitting
Elizabeth Rorie (elizabeth.rorie@state.tn.us) (615) 532-1172


Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Chris Linendoll (clinendo@tceq.state.tx.us) (512) 239-4433  
Rebecca Villalba (rebecca.villalba@tceq.texas.gov) (512) 239-4784

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Utah Department of Environmental Quality / Division of Water Quality
Jeff Studenka (jstudenka@utah.gov) (801) 536-4395  

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Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Padraic Monks (padraic.monks@state.vt.us) (802) 338-4834   
Jim Pease (jim.pease@state.vt.us) (802) 241-2683  

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources
David Alvaro Simon, M.S.M.E., P.E. (david.simon@dpnr.gov.vi) (340) 774-3320


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Jaime Bauer (jaime.bauer@deq.virginia.gov) (804) 698-4416  
Benjamin Leach (benjamin.leach@deq.virginia.gov) (804) 698-4037 

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Washington State Department of Ecology, Water Quality Program
Bill Moore, P.E. (bmoo461@ecy.wa.gov) (360) 407-6460 

West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection 
Jon Michael Bosley (Jon.M.Bosley@wv.gov) (304) 926-0499 x1059  
Connie Anderson (Connie.J.Anderson@wv.gov) (304) 926-0499, ext. #1073


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Stormwater Management
Jim Bertolacini (jim.bertolacini@wisconsin.gov) (608) 264-8971  
Mary Anne Lowndes (lowndm@dnr.state.wi.us) (608) 261-6420  


Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Stormwater Program
Barb Sahl (bsahl@wyo.gov) (307) 777-7570

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Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) Contacts

CDX Registration Questions
Domestic Callers: (888) 890-1995 [8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (EST)]
International Callers: (970) 494-5500

NeT-CGP Questions
Domestic Callers: (866) 352-7755 [8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (EST)]
International Callers: 011 (703) 765-2024 [8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (EST)]

NeT-MSGP Questions
Domestic Callers: (866) 352-7755 [8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (EST)]
International Callers: 011 (703) 765-2024 [1:00 - 6:00 p.m. (GMT)]

NetDMR Password Issues
International Callers: 011 (703) 765-2024 [1:00 - 6:00 p.m. (GMT)]

NetDMR Account Registration Questions - Visit to find regional and state contacts for registration assistance. 

Regional Permitting Authority Questions - Visit to contact your EPA regional representative for questions about requirements under the MSGP or NOE.