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Clean Air Act Permitting in Georgia

Clean Air Act permitting in Georgia is the shared responsibility of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and EPA Region 4. For more information about responsible agencies see below. 

The EPA Region 4 Title V Permitting Contact for Georgia is James Purvis - (404) 562-9139. The EPA Region 4 PSD Permitting Contact is Lorinda Shepherd - (404) 562-8435.

  Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Georgia Air Permit Program
Responsible Area State-wide
Agency Office

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Exit

Air Protection Branch
Environmental Protection Division
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
4244 International Pkwy., Suite 120
Atlanta, Georgia 30354

PHONE: (404) 363-7020

Responsibilities Issues permits state-wide. Permits include construction permits for minor sources, major source PSD and nonattainment permitting and Title V operating permits
State or Local Agency Contacts
  • Construction Permits
    • Eric Cornwell - (404) 363-7020
  • Operating Permits
    • Eric Cornwell - (404) 363-7020
Permits Under Review

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