Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

Basics of TRI Reporting

Every year, TRI data are submitted by certain industrial facilities and made available to the public; an overview of this process and the TRI reporting criteria are provided below. Please note that the reporting criteria are described in general terms; more specific guidance is available in the TRI Reporting Forms and Instructions document.

 Annual Data Collection Cycle

Annual Data Collection Cycle.  Five step process begins with January-June: Facilities Prepare and Submit Forms.  Next is July 1: TRI Formas Due to EPA.  Third section is July: TRI Preliminary Dataset Available.  Fourth section is July-October: Ongoing Data Processing and Analysis.  Last section is December: TRI National Analysis Available.

To learn more about the annual data collection cycle, click on one of the time periods below:

  • January-June Facilities Prepare and Submit Forms
  • July 1 TRI Forms Due to EPA
    • Deadline for facilities that meet TRI reporting requirements to submit TRI forms for toxic chemical management that occurred during the previous calendar year.
  • July TRI Preliminary Dataset Available
    • The preliminary dataset for the recently-concluded reporting year is available in downloadable files on the TRI website and in Envirofacts.
  • July - October Ongoing Data Processing and Analysis
    • The preliminary dataset is updated as additional reporting forms are processed.
    • EPA begins conducting its analysis of the most recent TRI data, which will be published in the TRI National Analysis.
  • December / January TRI National Analysis Available

Ongoing Activities

Reporting Criteria

If a facility meets all three of the criteria below, it must report to the TRI Program:

Illustration of a generic industrial facility
Is in a specific industry sector (e.g., manufacturing, mining, electric power generation)
Illustration of a diverse group of 10 employees wearing hardhats.
Employs 10 or more full-time equivalent employees
Illustration of four laboratory glass containers of different shapes and sizes containing different colored liquids.
Manufactures, processes, or otherwise uses a TRI-listed chemical in quantities above threshold levels in a given year. 

Method of Reporting

Facilities submit TRI reporting forms using TRI-MEweb, EPA's online TRI reporting application.