Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

Electronic Submission of TRI Reporting Forms

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Facilities prepare and submit Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting forms using TRI-MEweb. This software guides facility representatives through the steps for completing, reviewing, and submitting TRI reporting forms.

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CDX Registration Tutorials

Tutorial Name Length (min/sec)
Register a New CDX Account as a Certifying Official 11:57
Add a Certifying Official Role to Your CDX Profile 9:48
Register a New CDX Account as a Preparer 5:45
Add a Preparer Role to Your CDX Profile 2:52
Resetting Your CDX Password 2:20

TRI-MEweb Application Tutorials

Tutorials describing specific features and functionality of TRI-MEweb are accessible through a list of tutorial descriptions and links, or directly from TRI-MEweb itself.

Guidance on Specific Electronic Reporting Issues

TRI-MEweb guidance is now located in GuideME. Find answers to your questions about getting started with and using TRI-MEweb.