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CAA Permitting in North Dakota

Clean Air Act permitting in North Dakota is the responsibility of the Division of Air Quality of the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality.

Responsible Area

Statewide, except in Indian Country, where EPA Region 8 is the permitting authority

Agency Office

Division of Air Quality Exit
North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality
Gold Seal Center - 918 E. Divide
Bismark, North Dakota 58501-1947
(701) 328-5188

Air Permitting Information and Contacts

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Construction Permitting Exit

Operating Permits Exit

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Construction Permits Contact
Craig Thorstenson (
(701) 328-5188

Operating Permits Contact
Kyla Schneider (
(701) 328-5188

EPA Permit Program Oversight Lead
Dan Fagnant (
(303) 312-6927

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Title V Program Evaluation

Title V Program Approval History

Delegations of Authority for NSPS/NESHAP/MACT