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Environmental Justice for CAA Permitting in Region 2

EPA's Region 2 serves New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and 8 Tribal Nations

In December 2000, Region 2 developed an Interim Environmental Justice Policy which has been implemented by PSD permit applicants in order to address disproportionately high and adverse impacts to low income or minority communities during the EPA issued PSD permit process. This policy provides a framework for applicants regarding the type and extent of an environmental justice analysis. Each environmental justice analysis is unique and is tailored to the issues or concerns relative to that particular permit application. Some example approaches taken to address environmental justice concerns may be found in the attached document, Region 2 Environmental Justice Best Practices in CAA Permitting.

In addition, EPA has issued a Federal Register Notice on May 9, 2013 outlining further steps that the Agency is taking to consider environmental justice. It identifies activities and approaches to promote public involvement, particularly for major permitted activities that may significantly impact the overburdened communities. It also contains Promising Practices for Permit Applicants seeking EPA issued permits that encourage permit applicants to strategically plan and conduct enhanced outreach during the permitting process. In addition, each region has developed an implementation plan to explain how it will encourage meaningful engagement of such communities in EPA issued permits.

Listed below is information you might find useful regarding environmental justice in Region 2 CAA permitting, in particular, as well as on the national level. Additionally, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Exit and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Exithave also developed policies in order to address environmental justice in their own issued CAA permitting actions.

Environmental Justice in Region 2 CAA Permitting

Environmental Justice at EPA

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