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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP)

Subpart R – Lead Production

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Implementation Information

Proposed and Promulgated Rules

40 CFR Part 98.180
Federal Register Date Citation Action Description
10/24/2014 79 FR 63750 Final Rule Amends reporting and recordkeeping requirements and establishes an alternative electronic verification approach for 23 subparts to address concerns regarding public disclosure of business sensitive information while maintaining EPA’s ability to verify emissions and ensure compliance.
Final Preamble and Rule (PDF) (51 pp, 633K)
Response to Comments
Fact Sheet
Memorandum: List of ‘Inputs to Equations’ Data Elements Not To Be Reported
Proposed Preamble and Rule (PDF) (31 pp, 550K)
More Information
11/29/2013 78 FR 71904 Final Rule Updates global warming potentials (GWPs) to reflect IPCC AR4 values, and amends 27 subparts to improve and clarify reporting requirements. Establishes confidentiality determinations for new and revised data elements.
Final Preamble and Rule (PDF)(79 pp, 935K)
Correction Notice (PDF)(2 pp, 248K)
Response to Comments
Fact Sheet
Memo: Table of Final 2013 Revisions to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
Proposed Preamble and Rule (PDF)(77 pp, 909K)
05/26/2011 76 FR 30782 Final Rule Finalizes confidentiality determinations for 34 subparts for data elements that are not inputs to emissions equations. Finalizes amendments to 40 CFR 2 governing CBI obtained under 40 CFR 98.
Final Preamble and Rule (PDF)(37 pp, 330K)
Correction Notice (PDF)(6 pp, 167K)
Response to Comments
Fact Sheet
Memo: Final Data Category Assignments and Confidentiality Determinations for Part 98 Reporting Elements
Proposed Preamble and Rule (07/27/2010) (PDF)(4 pp, 164K)
Proposed Preamble and Rule (07/07/2010) (PDF)(40 pp, 366K)
More Information
10/30/2009 74 FR 56260 Final Rule Finalizes the first 30 subparts of 40 CFR Part 98, comprising subparts A, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, N, O, P, Q, R, S, U, V, X, Y, Z, AA, BB, CC, EE, GG, HH, JJ, LL, MM, NN, OO, and PP.
Final Preamble and Rule (PDF)(260 pp, 1.4MB)
Response to Comments
Regulatory Impact Analysis for the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Final Rule
Technical Support Document: Lead Production
Proposed Rule
Proposed Preamble

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