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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP)

Resources by Subpart for GHG Reporting


To view all EPA resources available for each Part 98 Subpart, click on the appropriate Subpart in the table below.

Table of Subparts
Rule Section Subpart Initial Reporting Year
98.10 Subpart A—General Provisions 2010
98.20 Subpart B—(Reserved)  
98.30 Subpart C—General Stationary Fuel Combustion Sources 2010
98.40 Subpart D—Electricity Generation 2010
98.50 Subpart E—Adipic Acid Production 2010
98.60 Subpart F—Aluminum Production 2010
98.70 Subpart G—Ammonia Manufacturing 2010
98.80 Subpart H—Cement Production 2010
98.90 Subpart I—Electronics Manufacturing 2011
98.100 Subpart J—Ethanol Production N/A
98.110 Subpart K—Ferroalloy Production 2010
98.120 Subpart L—Fluorinated Gas Production 2011
98.130 Subpart M—Food Processing N/A
98.140 Subpart N—Glass Production 2010
98.150 Subpart O—HCFC–22 Production and HFC–23 Destruction 2010
98.160 Subpart P—Hydrogen Production 2010
98.170 Subpart Q—Iron and Steel Production 2010
98.180 Subpart R—Lead Production 2010
98.190 Subpart S—Lime Manufacturing 2010
98.200 Subpart T—Magnesium Production 2011
98.210 Subpart U—Miscellaneous Uses of Carbonate 2010
98.220 Subpart V—Nitric Acid Production 2010
98.230 Subpart W—Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems 2011
98.240 Subpart X—Petrochemical Production 2010
98.250 Subpart Y—Petroleum Refineries 2010
98.260 Subpart Z—Phosphoric Acid Production 2010
98.270 Subpart AA—Pulp and Paper Manufacturing 2010
98.280 Subpart BB—Silicon Carbide Production 2010
98.290 Subpart CC—Soda Ash Manufacturing 2010
98.300 Subpart DD—Use of Electric Transmission and Distribution Equipment 2011
98.310 Subpart EE—Titanium Dioxide Production 2010
98.320 Subpart FF—Underground Coal Mines 2011
98.330 Subpart GG—Zinc Production 2010
98.340 Subpart HH—Municipal Solid Waste Landfills 2010
98.350 Subpart II—Industrial Wastewater Treatment 2011
98.360 Subpart JJ—Manure Management
NOTE: EPA is not implementing subpart JJ of 40 CFR Part 98 using funds provided in its appropriations due to a Congressional restriction prohibiting the expenditure of funds for this purpose.
98.370 Subpart KK—Suppliers of Coal N/A
98.380 Subpart LL—Suppliers of Coal-based Liquid Fuels 2010
98.390 Subpart MM—Suppliers of Petroleum Products 2010
98.400 Subpart NN—Suppliers of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids 2010
98.410 Subpart OO—Suppliers of Industrial Greenhouse Gases 2010
98.420 Subpart PP—Suppliers of Carbon Dioxide 2010
98.430 Subpart QQ—Imports and Exports of Equipment Pre–charged with Fluorinated GHGs or Containing Fluorinated GHGs in Closed–cell Foams 2011
98.440 Subpart RR—Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide 2011
98.450 Subpart SS—Manufacture of Electric Transmission and Distribution Equipment 2011
98.460 Subpart TT—Industrial Waste Landfills 2011
98.470 Subpart UU—Injection of Carbon Dioxide 2011

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