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Abandoned Mine Lands: Related Links

Explore the links on this page to learn more about EPA programs, other federal Abandoned Mine Lands (AML), public and international AML, states, and tribes:

EPA Programs

Other Federal AML

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Other Public and International AML

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The State weblinks below provide information ranging from statutory and regulatory authority, policies, site inventories and state technical resources.

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  State AML Websites  
Alaska North Carolina Texas
California North Dakota Utah
Colorado Oklahoma Washington
Montana Oregon Wyoming
New Mexico South Dakota  

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One important goal of EPA's AML Program is to identify ways to protect human health and environment on Tribal Lands. For Policy and Guidance information on how mining wastes impact Tribal lands, please read Publications on Mining Waste Management in Indian Country, EPA 530-B-99-006- July 1999 (PDF)(16 pp, 649K).

General Tribal Waste Issues and Information



Quapaw Tribe

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