Clean Air Act Permitting in Illinois

Clean Air Act permitting in Illinois is the responsibility of the Bureau of Air at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Responsible Area


Agency Office

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Exit
Bureau of Air
1021 North Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62702

Contact: Ray Pilapil ( 217-782-7382

EPA Contacts
Danny Marcus ( 312-353-8781

David Ogulei ( 312-353-0987

Air Permitting Information
IEPA Air Permits Home Exit
State-issued Permits
Veolia Part 71 Permit
Illinois Administrative Code Exit

Illinois Utility Permit Issuance Status

Federal Construction Permit Authority
PSD40 CFR 52.21 Exit
Nonattainment NSR and minor constructionApproved State Implementation Plan

Federal Operating Permit Authority
Approval status for operating permit programs Exit

Title V Program Documents
Title V Program Approval History
Illinois Title V Program Evaluation (PDF) (24 pp, 604 K, About PDF) Sept. 30, 2010
Illinois Title V Program Memorandum of Agreement (PDF) (15 pp, 616 K, About PDF) Oct. 16, 2009

Construction Permit Program Documents
Construction Permit Program Approval History
Illinois NSR Program Evaluation (PDF) (6 pp, 721 K, About PDFMarch 8, 2012