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How to Apply the SmartWay Logo to Your SmartWay Tractors and Trailers

Companies that purchase or lease tractors and/or trailers that meet SmartWay specifications are eligible to place a SmartWay logo on the exterior of their equipment.

Image of SmartWay Tractor, Trailer, and Elite Logos

Who can use the SmartWay Tractor and Trailer logos on equipment?

Any owner or operator of a tractor or trailer that meets the EPA-designated SmartWay specifications can request and receive tractor and/or trailer logos.

Example of a SmartWay Tractor and Trailer with SmartWay Designated Logos

What are the benefits of using the SmartWay Tractor and Trailer logos on equipment?

Using the SmartWay logo on tractors and trailers allows you to:

  • Be recognized as an environmental leader.
  • Attract potential new customers.
  • Demonstrate to customers, clients, and investors that you are taking responsibility for the emissions associated with moving goods.

What are the steps to receive access to SmartWay Tractor and/or Trailer logos?

This page lists five essential steps to gaining access to the SmartWay Tractors and/or Trailer logos for your equipment. For a more detailed explanation, read the Tractor and Trailer Logo Usage Instructions.

1. Check out the equipment specifications to see if your tractor and/or trailer is eligible for logos.

Diagram detailing potential equipment that can be used to increase tractor and trailer efficiency

2. Review the Graphics Standards and Usage Guide (PDF)(33 pp, 882 K, EPA-420-B-18-018, About PDF)
These guidelines include information about correct and incorrect placement of the logo on tractors and trailers.

3. Complete the Mark Signature Page & Equipment Checklist (PDF)(5 pp, 385 KB, February 2021) form.

  • The Mark Signature Page signifies your company's agreement to the SmartWay Graphics Standards and Usage Guide. These guidelines include information about correct placement of the SmartWay logo on eligible tractors and trailers.
  • The Equipment Checklist, once completed, supplies information about the tractor(s) and/or trailer(s) in your company’s fleet which determines SmartWay logo eligibility.

Guidelines for Correct/Incorrect Placement of Logos on Tractors and Trailers

SmartWay Correct Logo Placement

Examples of Correct Placements on Tractors

SmartWay Examples Logo in Use

4. Submit both the Equipment Checklist and Mark Signature Page via email ( For further questions contact SmartWay at 1-734-214-4767 (phone), 1-734-214-4052 (fax).

5. Once approved, you will be sent the print-ready digital logo to use on your tractor or trailer.

Image of SmartWay Tractor, Trailer, and Elite Logos