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SmartWay Affiliate Resources

USEPA SmartWay LogoSmartWay Affiliates educate their members and communities about freight efficiency and sustainable goods movement.

This page contains resources for Affiliates.

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Spread the Word About SmartWay

Present SmartWay to your Members

View these resources to develop a more robust understanding of how SmartWay works so you can share this information with your members.

Share the SmartWay E-update and other Content in Your Newsletter or Blog

  • Include the "Why Join SmartWay (DOC)(1 pg, 29 K) " letter in your newsletter or blog. This template can be tailored and personalized for your membership magazines, trade media, etc.
  • Follow monthly trends and events with the:

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Team Up with the SmartWay Brand

Use and display the SmartWay Affiliate Logo!

We encourage all Affiliates to demonstrate your participation and commitment to freight supply chain sustainability by putting the SmartWay Affiliate logo on your website. Create a page dedicated to the goals and resources of SmartWay to give your members easy access to information about the benefits of participating in the program.

Display the SmartWay ads on your website and blogs

Place one or more of these for Web advertisements on your website to draw your audience's attention to essential SmartWay resources. You can also develop your own graphics to highlight specific SmartWay Web content. Please contact your Affiliate contact if you need guidance on creating custom ad content.

Download all four of the SmartWay ads (ZIP)(1 pg, 315 K)


Display the Print Ad in your Newsletter or Trade Media

Place the "Reflects Well" print advertisement in your newsletters or trade media. Promote the benefits of SmartWay Designated Tractors and Trailers to your members with this professionally designed ad.

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Help Your Members Register and Use the Tools

Learn about SmartWay Partner Tools and Participation Requirements

You can help your members become SmartWay Partners by learning how the program works, developing your knowledge of the tools, and providing technical support.

Here are links to the resources provided for each partner type:

You can also learn more about the tools and resources of the SmartWay program by attending SmartWay training webinars.

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Learn from Your PeersOther Affiliates

To learn more about how you can successfully lead your organization and your members in the freight sustainability movement, check out these resources:

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Celebrate Earth Day Toolkit!

Earth Day brings all of us together to activate change and build a sustainable environment. It is a celebration of community and the environment around us. Encourage your employees and your members to engage in activities that make a positive contribution to the environment!

Ready to get started? The SmartWay Affiliate Earth Day Tool Kit puts free, professionally crafted, quality marketing materials and other resources into the hands of any Affiliate that wants to step up and get involved. The resources are not just geared toward Earth Day but are available any day and will let your members and stakeholders know that you care about the environment and sustainable transportation.

Earth Day Tool Kit Resources:

Check out the “50 SmartWay’s to Celebrate Earth Day" List

decorative imageImplement one or more of the activities suggested in this document as a way to celebrate Earth Day. There is a resource for each activity so no need to reinvent the wheel! Just let us know and the SmartWay team will provide you with the resource you need.

Download the list:

"Join SmartWay" Letter

Image of a letterEncourage your members to participate in the SmartWay program. Take the Affiliate Earth Day Pledge and email the “join SmartWay” letter to your members.

Use the letter as a template:

"The Supply Chain, Goods Movement and SmartWay” Video

Decorative thumbnail of SmartWay videoThis video is an informative and engaging piece about the benefits of efficient freight transportation and will get the attention of your members and stakeholders.

Link to the video on your website:

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Ad/Poster

Encourage your members to show that they are an Environmental Leader by placing the Carbon Footprint ad in trade publications or on their website. Hard copies of posters are available for you and your members to hang in your customer service areas, lunchroom, or other shared office spaces!

Request copies at:

SmartWay Designated Tractor/Trailer Ad

This is an image of a female driver looking into a mirror that illustrates a truck driver on the road.The SmartWay designation means you’re getting the cleanest, most fuel-efficient equipment commercially available. Encourage your members to place the ad on their websites, in their facility lobby and lunchroom, and in their newsletters so they can educate their customers about the SmartWay tractor and trailer designation.

Download print-ready file:

Social Media Posts

This is an image of various social media platform logos as a collage.Share the sustainable freight transportation story on your social media platforms.

Download social media files:

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