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USEPA SmartWay LogoEPA hosts free webinars to help you learn how to get the most out of the SmartWay Program. 

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Date Type Event Name
February 27, 2019 Education Webinar 2019 SmartWay Excellence Award Criteria
March 14, 2019 Tool Demo Webinar Advanced Truck Tool Webinar

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Learn about the Freight Matters Webinar Series with EPA SmartWayLearn more about SmartWay's Freight Matters! Webinar Series: This series features leaders in the freight sector discuss trends and issues that matter to your business.

Past Webinars: Descriptions, links to webinar recordings, and presentation slides for past webinars are listed below. 

 Event Type Legend


Event Name
Freight Matters Webinars The “Green Supply Chain”:  A critical assessment of a multimodal, multinational freight supply chain of a Fortune 50 retailer
Tool Demo Webinar 2018 SmartWay Shipper Tool Webinar
Tool Demo Webinar 2018 SmartWay Logistics Tool Webinar
Education Webinar Learn What It Means to be a Shipper of Choice
Education Webinar Understanding SmartWay Shipper Performance  
Freight Matters Webinar How Electric Trucks, Big Data, and Connectivity are Changing the Freight Industry
Education Webinar SmartWay New Partner Orientation: Tips for a Rewarding Partnership Experience
Education Webinar The Value and Benefits of Partnering with SmartWay
Education Webinar 2018 SmartWay Excellence Award Webinar
Tool Advanced Webinar SmartWay Truck Tool-Advanced Class: Getting the Most out of Your SmartWay Participation
Education Webinar A National Conversation with SmartWay Affiliates
Tool Demo Webinar Introduction to the 2018 SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool
Education Webinar 2017 SmartWay Awardees Best Practices Webinar
Education Webinar Running on Less
Freight Matters Webinar Using Freight Supply Chain Performance Benchmarking to Meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Demands
Tool Demo Webinar 2017 SmartWay Air Carrier Tool Demonstration
Freight Matters Webinar Small, Smart & Sustainable: How Businesses Are Winning Big with Smart & Sustainable Freight Practices
Education Webinar Best Practices of a Preferred Shipper
Freight Matters Webinar Boosting Freight Sustainability at Lower Costs
Education Webinar SmartWay Affiliates in Action
Education Webinar Livable Streets vs. Deliverable Streets
Education Webinar Maximize your Efficiency with Fuel Saving Strategies and Technologies
Freight Matters Webinar Key Trends Shaping the Future of Freight
Education Webinar Shippers: Learn About Resources for Aligning Win-Win Relationships With Your Carriers
Education Webinar SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Roundtable Chat
Education Webinar Unlocking SmartWay Data for Shippers: Optimize Supply Chain Decision Making and Enhance CSR Reporting
Freight Matters Webinar Efficiency Begins at Home, but What About the Neighbors: Getting to Know Your SmartWay Carriers!
Education Webinar Shippers: There's a SmartWay for You
Education Webinar Strut your SmartWay Stuff
Education Webinar The Business Case for Becoming a SmartWay Shipper
Education Webinar The Business Case for Becoming a SmartWay Carrier
Freight Matters Webinar The Power of SmartWay Partnerships
Tool Advanced Webinar SmartWay Truck Tool-Advanced Class: Getting the Most out of Your SmartWay Participation
Tool Advanced Webinar SmartWay Shipper Tool Advanced Class: Using the “Shipper Strategies” Tab in the SmartWay Shipper Tool
Education Webinar EPA SmartWay’s Vision 2020 for Supply Chain Sustainability


  • Education Webinar: Informational webinar related to improving performance as a SmartWay Partner or Affiliate.
  • Freight Matters Webinar: Interviews and panel discussions with industry leaders and experts on broad topics related to freight transportation sustainability.
  • Tool Demo Webinar: Demonstration of a SmartWay accounting and tracking tool.
  • Tool Advanced Webinar: Advanced training on features and capabilities of SmartWay accounting and tracking tools.
  • Recognition Webinar: Webinar to recognize award or challenge honorees.
  • Live Workshop: In-person events focused on advancing freight transportation sustainability.
  • SmartWay Conference Presentation: A conference or event where EPA staff present SmartWay.

Introduction to the 2019 SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool

Thursday, February 14, 2019

10:00 AM (PT)/ 12:00 PM (CT)/ 1:00 PM (ET)

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This webinar provides an introductory overview of EPA’s SmartWay 2019 Truck Carrier Tool, including a live demonstration of the Tool. Participants will learn how they can calculate and report your company’s carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter emissions using your carrier specific activity data, allowing companies to benchmark and track annual changes in performance across multiple efficiency metrics. Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • An introductory understanding of the 2019 Truck Carrier Tool
  • Updates made to the 2019 Tool
  • How to input data into the Tool
  • How to submit your completed Tool to EPA SmartWay
  • How to view your summary reports
  • Key points to remember when filling out your Tool

This webinar is primarily intended for: those truck carrier Partners who are new to the SmartWay Partnership, prospective Partners looking for more information, or Partners who are in need of a refresher.

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2019 SmartWay Excellence Award Criteria

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
11:00 AM (PT)/ 1:00 PM (CT)/ 2:00 PM (ET)
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This webinar provides a summary and explanation of the following three elements for the 2019 SmartWay Excellence Award: 1) the Award eligibility criteria for relevant partner categories (e.g. truck carriers, multimodal carriers, barge carriers, rail carriers, shippers and logistic companies); 2) the Award recipient selection process and 3) the Award timeline. This webinar is for any Partner interested in understanding how Award candidates are selected.

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Advanced Truck Tool Webinar

Thursday, March 14, 2019
11:00 AM (PT)/ 1:00 PM (CT)/ 2:00 PM (ET)
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In this webinar SmartWay will dive deep into the Truck Carrier Tool to help truck carriers get the most out of their SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool and reports, including:

  • How specific data entry choices yield more useful results
  • How to read and understand SmartWay data reports
  • SmartWay ranking: how we do it and why it's important
  • How shippers use SmartWay data and ranking
  • A more detailed understanding of the Truck Carrier Tool 

This webinar is for those Partners familiar with the Truck Carrier Tool, but have questions regarding how to maximize the Tool reports and Tool data.

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