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Region 5 Brownfields Contact List

Region 5 Brownfields Contacts

Contact Phone Number Email Address
Karla Auker (RLF Contact) 440-250-1741
Rosita Clarke 312-886-7251
Keary Cragan (RLF Contact) 312-353-5669
Matthew Didier (Brownfields Coordinator) 312-353-2112
Sarah Gruza 312-886-6004
John Jurevis 312-886-1446
Lara Lasky 312-353-5614
Julie Magee (Section Chief) 312-886-6063
Linda Mangrum 312-353-2071
Linda Morgan (Job Training Contact) 312-886-4747
Brittney Nadler 312-886-5740
Patricia Polston (RLF Contact) 312-886-8093
Gary Schafer (Section Chief) 312-353-8827
Brad Stimple (TBA Contact) 440-250-1717
Jim Van der Kloot (Land Revitalization) 312-353-3161