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Region 8 Targeted Brownfields Assessments

A Targeted Brownfields Assessment (TBA) is an environmental investigation that documents environmental conditions at a property under consideration for redevelopment or reuse. These are conducted at no cost to communities requesting assistance. Applications are accepted and assessments are performed throughout the year. Assistance may include one or more of the following activities:

  • Phase I environmental site assessment, including a background and historical investigation and a preliminary property inspection.
  • Phase II environmental site assessment, including sampling activities to identify the types and concentrations of contaminants and the areas of contamination.
  • Cleanup options and cost estimates based on anticipated future uses and redevelopment plans.

TBA Applicant Considerations

Minimum Requirements

Eligible applicants

  • Unit of government
  • Tribe
  • Non-profit organization
  • Private party sponsored by an eligible applicant

Brownfields site

  • Property must meet definition of a Brownfields site: Real property whose reuse is complicated by real or perceived contamination.

Properties not eligible for funding

  • Properties listed, or proposed for listing, under the Superfund National Priorities List.
  • Facilities subject to U.S. EPA unilateral administrative orders, court orders, administrative orders on consent, or judicial consent decrees issued to, or entered into, by parties under CERCLA.
  • Facilities that are subject to the jurisdiction, custody or control of the United States Government.
  • Some ineligible properties may be eligible with a “property specific determination.” Contact EPA for more information.

Project Information

  • TBA deliverables developed are public documents, releasable under the Freedom of Information Act. EPA provides deliverables to the applicant and keeps them on file.
  • Deliverables will take 1 to 6+ months to complete based on project complexity and overall workload.
  • Applicant agrees to provide EPA with project information and photos when the site is redeveloped, including information on:
    • dollars leveraged
    • jobs created
    • environmental benefits, such as reduction in vehicle miles traveled, water quality improvement, etc.

Attention: Before You Start

You cannot save a partially completed form for later retrieval; the TBA Application form below must be completed in one session.

Prepare to fill out the application form by completing the Pre-Application Checklist.

Completely fill out the Targeted Brownfields Assessment (TBA) Application below using your completed Pre-Application Checklist.

Targeted Brownfields Assessment (TBA) Application

EPA Region 8 accepts applications for environmental assessment assistance at brownfields properties on an ongoing basis. To request Region 8’s technical assistance, please complete this application. The information provided will be evaluated to determine if the applicant and site meet the selection criteria for the TBA program. EPA will also evaluate whether funding is available to perform the requested assessment within the desired schedule. Applicants will be contacted promptly after this review.

1. Applicant Information
Name of organization requesting Brownfields Assessment
Are you a:
Name and title of the primary contact representing the organization
Primary contact telephone number
A copy of your application will be sent to this address.
2. Site Description and History
Or general description of location if no physical address is available
Enter the latitude in decimal notation
Enter the longitude in decimal notation
3. Assessment Activity and Background
Check all that apply
Please select date

*Note: It will be the applicant’s responsibility to secure access and document with an EPA-provided Site Access Agreement

*Note: Applicants who are responsible for causing contamination are not eligible for assistance under this program*

Check all that apply

Please provide petroleum eligibility determination as requested in 5. Additional Information below.

Applicant must request a Brownfields Petroleum Site Eligibility determination from their state regulatory official. For tribal properties, eligibility will be determined by EPA.

4. Property Reuse and Redevelopment
5. Additional Information

Please email any supporting documentation such as regional and site location maps, photographs, prior site assessment reports and historical environmental information, and petroleum eligibility determinations to:

Christina Wilson (

6. Contact Information

If there are further questions, please contact the Region 8 TBA Program Manager:

Christina Wilson (
Phone (303) 312-6706

*The Brownfields Law outlines specific criteria by which petroleum sites may be eligible for brownfields funding. These criteria include: there can be no viable responsible party, the applicant cannot be potentially liable for cleaning up the site, and the site must not be subject to a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) corrective action order. If a party is identified as being responsible for the site and that party is financially viable, then the site is not eligible for brownfields grant funds.