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WaterSense Labeled Homes

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WaterSense Labeled Homes: The Basics

Green building has grown from a niche market to a savvy business strategy. WaterSense labeled homes meet consumers’ demand for a whole-house solution to help them save water, energy, and money while maintaining a high level of performance. Some of the benefits of WaterSense labeled homes may include:

  • Savings that Perform—WaterSense labeled fixtures are independently certified to use less water and perform as well or better than standard models.

  • Peace of Mind—Trained professionals conduct independent inspections to ensure that WaterSense labeled homes meet EPA’s criteria, so you can be sure the homes perform well and save water.

  • Faster Hot Water—Efficient plumbing distribution systems get hot water to the tap faster, so you waste less time, water, and energy.   ► Learn more about Hot Water Distribution Product and System Design Solutions.

  • Outdoor Ease—High-performing landscapes are designed to be low-maintenance and water-efficient without sacrificing curb appeal. WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers help homeowners water smarter.  ► Learn more about Landscape Design and Irrigation Solutions.

What's in a WaterSense Labeled Home?

WaterSense labeled homes must be at least 30 percent more water-efficient than typical new construction. Under the Homes Certification System, they are verified and certified to meet EPA’s Mandatory Checklist and achieve EPA’s water efficiency criteria demonstrating that the home will use at least 30% less water than a typical home. Each Home Certification Organization (HCO) uses its own WaterSense Approved Certification Method (WACM) to measure this. When paired with a mandatory checklist, the requirements of the WACM ensure that a WaterSense labeled home is both water-efficient, and high-performing.  Some of the features EPA evaluates when approving a WACM include: 

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Mandatory Checklist for WaterSense Labeled Homes

The Mandatory Checklist helps ensure that all WaterSense labeled homes contain, at a minimum, a set of features that assure quality performance in addition to efficiency.




Pressure-loss test on all water supplies detects no leaks

Free of visible leaks from toilet(s), as determined through visual assessment and by conducting a dye tablet test in each toilet to ensure the flapper is not leaking

Free of visible leaks from bathroom faucet(s)

Free of visible leaks from showerhead(s)

Free of visible leaks from bathroom tub faucet(s), i.e., tub spout(s), when showerhead(s) are activated, as determined through visual assessment after showerhead(s) have been activated for one minute

Free of visible leaks from kitchen and other sink faucet(s)

Free of visible leaks from other fixtures or appliances (e.g., water heaters, clothes washers, dishwashers, hose bibbs, irrigation systems) at the point of use or point of connection to water distribution system


WaterSense labeled

Bathroom sink faucets

WaterSense labeled


WaterSense labeled

Ready to Get Started?

Adding the WaterSense label—an independent certification for both water savings and performance—helps assure home buyers in a competitive market where third-party certifications matter and consumers are looking for a choice in efficient homes. You can open the door to savings with WaterSense labeled homes. Here’s how:

  1. Partner with WaterSense: Partnership is free and required for any builder who wants to earn the WaterSense label. Join with WaterSense.

  2. Collaborate with Your Team: Work with your trades, vendors, and verifiers or inspectors to make sure your home will meet the WaterSense specification. WaterSense provides tools and resources to help.

  3. Build, Get Verified, and Earn the Label   Discuss WaterSense with your existing energy raters and providers—they might already be able to provide technical assistance, plan your verification, and help you get the home certified to earn the WaterSense label.  Learn more about recenlty updated WaterSense labeled homes specification and the benefits of verifying and certifying your home under the Homes Certification system.

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