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WaterSense labeled homes allow families to enjoy all the comforts of home while using less water and energy and spending less money on utility bills. Compared to a typical home, on average, a WaterSense labeled home can save a family  50,000 gallons of water a year or more! 

Find out more about how you can help bring WaterSense labeled homes to your community.

  • WaterSense Labeled Homes - Read up on the basics and benefits of building a home that is efficient indoors and outdoors.
  • Homes Specification - Review the current version of the specification to find out what is required to certify a WaterSense labeled home. 
  • Homes Certification—Certification provides homeowners with confidence that their home is water-efficient AND high performing.
  • Buying & Selling—Are you a builder or real estate professional looking to set yourself apart in the marketplace? Learn how you can leverage the benefits of WaterSense labeled homes to set you apart.
  • Water Budget Tool—Use the WaterSense Water Budget Tool to help plan your home’s efficient landscape. While the tool is only required for homes labeled under Version 1 of the program, it can be a useful tool for homes labeled under Version 2 or pursuing a water-efficient landscape.
  • Tools & Resources—Check out the resources EPA provides to help build and maintain water-efficient homes.

The WaterSense BlueprintCheck out the WaterSense Homes Save Water & Energy infographic to see how WaterSense labeled homes offer a whole-house building solution for the efficiency, convenience, and performance of a home's water use.