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Product Specifications

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Products bearing the WaterSense label are generally at least 20 percent more water-efficient than similar products in the marketplace. EPA develops specifications that outline the requirements that products must meet to earn the WaterSense label.  In developing specifications, WaterSense works with standards organizations and other stakeholders.  Actions are released for public comment and review before being released as final. 

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Final Product Specifications

WaterSense has issued final specifications for the following products:

In response to requirements of the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, EPA reviewed existing WaterSense product specifications for tank-type toilets, flushing urinals, bathroom faucets, showerheads, and irrigation controllers and made the decision not to revise them at this time. Visit the WaterSense Product Specification Review page to learn more.

  • Background information for each product specification (not including the current specification) can be found in Product Background Materials
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  • Draft Specifications

    WaterSense has released the following draft specifications:

    • There are no draft specifications at this time.
  • Notices of Intent

    WaterSense has announced its intent to develop or revise specifications for the following product categories and programs:

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  • Clarifications to Specifications and Certification System

    WaterSense periodically issues technical clarifications to WaterSense product specifications in order to clarify vague or unclear requirements. This document serves as the compendium of technical clarifications regarding WaterSense product specifications and product certification and labeling. 

Occasionally, EPA receives requests to adjust the application and/or requirements of test methods to accommodate new products that fit within the scope of the applicable specification, but may not be capable of meeting the specification criteria using the prescribed test method(s). To accommodate these requests, EPA has formalized the process by which a product manufacturer may request a test method variance for its product(s).

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  • How Does WaterSense Develop Specifications for Products to Earn the Label?

  • EPA considers both technical and market factors when identifying product categories that are good candidates for the WaterSense product specification and labeling process. If your product isn't included on the products page, it isn't eligible for the WaterSense label. While EPA hopes to include more products in the future, each product category considered for the label undergoes certain procedures to identify, research, and finalize specifications. Visit Why Can’t My Product Get a Label? page to learn more.

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