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EPA History

Selected Historical Press Releases, 1970-1998

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April 21, 1998: Carol Browner's Remarks on Earth Day Right-to-Know Expansion Celebration

February 18, 1998: President Clinton's remarks on Clean, Safe Water for All Americans

February 27, 1997: Browner Announces New EPA Offices to Support Children's Health, Regulatory Reinvention and Right To Know

August 6, 1996: President Clinton Signs Legislation to Ensure Americans Safe Drinking Water

January 29, 1996: EPA Takes Final Step in Phaseout of Leaded Gasoline

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December 1, 1995: Statement on EPA's 25th Anniversary

December 1, 1995: A Look at EPA Accomplishments: 25 Years of Protecting Public Health and the Environment

August 2, 1995: EPA Announces Streamlining of Rules as Part of Regulatory Reinvention Effort

July 28, 1995: EPA Protects Millions of Americans From Petroleum Refinery Air Toxics

May 25, 1995: Superfund Reforms

March 29, 1995: Browner Announces New Agenda and Partnership to Protect Drinking Water

March 20, 1995: EPA Expands Open-Market Trading of Acid Rain Credits

March 10, 1995: EPA Commits to Partnership for Long-Term Research on Remote-Sensing Data from Space Satellites

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October 21, 1994: Fred Hansen - Biography

October 18, 1994: EPA Presents First Energy Star Computer Awards

July 20, 1994: Browner Names Six Industries in Plan to Improve Environmental Protection

April 20, 1994: Browner Releases Data on U.S. Water Quality, Calls for New Clean Water Act

March 1, 1994: EPA Announces Biggest Air Toxic Reduction in Agency History

February 16, 1994: EPA Issues First Safe Substitutes List for CFCs and Other Ozone Depleters

January 18, 1994: EPA Administrator Carol M. Browner Issues Citizen Right-To-Know List of Toxic Chemicals

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November 30: EPA Announces Full Phaseout of CFCs and Other Ozone Depleters

September 14: EPA Regulates Dry Cleaners in First Air Toxics Rule Under New Clean Air Act

August 4: President Clinton's Executive Order on Reducing Toxic Emissions from Federal Facilities

May 7: Robert M. Sussman - Biography

April 23: Regulatory History of CFCs and Other Stratospheric Ozone Depleting Chemicals (to 1993)

March 5: EPA Announces Final Rule on Acid Rain Emission Trading

January 7: EPA Designates Passive Smoking a "Class A" or Known Human Carcinogen

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November 25, 1992: Accelerated Phaseout of Ozone-Depleting Chemicals

October 30, 1992: New Oxygenated Fuels Program

August 5, 1992: Benzene Violations Targeted in Environmental Enforcement Actions

July 22, 1992: Release of Environmental Equity Report

June 30, 1992: Reilly in New York to Mark End of Sewage Sludge Dumping

May 19, 1992: EPA Issues 23 Final Drinking Water Standards

January 14, 1992: EPA, NOAA Issue Guidelines to Reduce Coastal Pollution

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December 5, 1991: New EPA Rule Gives Every American Right to Buy and Sell Acid Rain Emissions

July 19, 1991: Voluntary U.S. EPA/Industry Program Commits to Cut Toxic Wastes

March 13, 1991: Exxon to Pay Record One Billion Dollars in Criminal Fines and Civil Damages in Connection with Alaskan Oil Spill

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November 29, 1990: The Environmental Protection Agency: A Retrospective

November 15, 1990: EPA Administrator Reilly Hails Signing of New Clean Air Act

October 3, 1990: 1988 Toxic Release Inventory National Report Available

September 26, 1990: Reducing Risk: Setting Priorities and Strategies for Environmental Protection

September 6, 1990: Reilly Participates in Opening of Environment Center in Budapest

July 20, 1990: Times Beach Settlement Reached

May 15, 1990: Reilly responds to Lois Gibbs on Love Canal habitability and related issues

May 8, 1990: EPA Completes Land Disposal Restrictions for Hazardous Wastes

April 30, 1990: EPA to Regulate Dioxin in Paper Industry

April 20, 1990: Statement on Earth Day 1990

June 21, 1990: Charter Signed to Establish Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe

February 5, 1990: EPA Registry to Record Trees Planted in Celebration of Earth Day

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November 7, 1989: Daminozide (Alar) Pesticide Canceled for Food Uses

August 2, 1989: Reilly Press Conference in Anchorage about Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Cleanup

July 31, 1989: Bioremediation of Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

June 1, 1989: Occidental Chemical Signs Consent Order for Storage and Destruction of Love Canal Wastes

May 19, 1989: F. Henry Habicht II - Biography

April 12, 1989: EPA Releases Toxic Inventory Data

March 13, 1989: EPA Tracking Program for Medical Waste Starts Today

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November 1, 1988: Lead Contamination Control and Asbestos Information Acts of 1988

October 28, 1988: Indoor Radon Abatement Act of 1988

October 26, 1988: FIFRA Amendments of 1988

September 30, 1988: Times Beach Record of Decision Signed

September 13, 1988: EPA Sets Standards For Underground Storage Tanks

April 5, 1988: Lee M. Thomas Statement on U.S. Ratification of the Montreal Protocol

February 2, 1988: EPA Announces Guidance on State Revolving Funds for Sewage Treatment

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December 21, 1987: President Reagan on Montreal Protocol Ratification

November 18, 1987: United States and Canada Sign Amendments to Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

September 24, 1987: National Dioxin Study Released

October 26, 1987: Love Canal Record of Decision Signed

October 9, 1987: Final EPCRA rule for Hazardous Chemical Reporting Requirements

April 7, 1987: EPA Outlines Actions to be Taken with States Not Meeting Clean Air Standards; Some Sanctions Mandatory

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October 23, 1986: Signing of Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

October 6, 1986: Endangered Wetlands and New EPA Office of Wetlands Protection

May 14, 1986: Cleanup of the Niagara River

June 20, 1986: President Signs Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments

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November 14, 1985: EPA Approves First Use in Environment of Genetically Altered Bacteria

June 4, 1985: EPA Announces National Strategy for Toxic Air Pollutants

March 20, 1985: A. James Barnes - Biography

March 4, 1985: EPA Sets New Limits on Lead in Gasoline

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December 13, 1984: Ruckelshaus Pledges Continued Support of Chesapeake Cleanup

November 29, 1984: Lee M. Thomas - Biography

November 9, 1984: Statement by the U.S. EPA on the President's Signing of the Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments of 1984

September 13, 1984: EPA and Defense Sign Resolution on Chesapeake

August 2, 1984: Ruckelshaus Denies Request to Buy Love Canal Homes

June 26, 1984: Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling of June 25th on EPA's "Bubble" Policy to Control Air Pollution

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November 1, 1983: EPA Sets Standards for FIFRA, TSCA Lab Tests

September 30, 1983: EPA Acts to Ban EDB Pesticide

August 5, 1983: Alvin L. Alm - Biography

May 19, 1983: Ruckelshaus Takes Steps to Improve Flow of Agency Information

April 21, 1983: Olin Agrees to Clean Up DDT in Triana, Alabama Area

February 22, 1983: Joint Federal/State Action Taken to Relocate Times Beach Residents

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July 15, 1982: New York State and U.S. EPA Sign $7 Million Love Canal Cleanup Agreement

July 12, 1982: EPA Issues Final National Contingency Plan for Superfund

May 24, 1982: EPA Announces Rule Requiring Schools to Test for Asbestos

March 12, 1982: National Contingency Plan for Superfund Announced

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October 23, 1981: EPA Announces First 114 Top-Priority Superfund Sites

October 16, 1981: EPA Issues First Storage Permit Under RCRA

September 18, 1981: EPA Schedules Emergency Cleanup at Valley of the Drums

May 20, 1981: Anne M. Gorsuch (Burford) - Biography

March 4, 1981: Sixteen States to Manage Hazardous Waste Programs

March 2, 1981: John W. Hernandez, Jr. - Biography

February 10, 1981: EPA Incinerator Approvals to Speed PCB Disposal

January 19, 1981: New EPA Report Focuses on Environmental Accomplishments

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November 19, 1980: EPA's Hazardous Waste Regulations Effective November 19, [1980]

September 11, 1980: Costle Presses for Immediate Passage of Superfund

May 21, 1980: EPA, New York State Announce Temporary Relocation of Love Canal Residents

April 15, 1980: Statement at International Meeting on Chlorofluorocarbons

April 4, 1980: EPA Named Lead Agency to Monitor at Three Mile Island

March 1, 1980: EPA Imposes First Federal Funding Limitations to Spur Auto Inspection Programs

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December 20, 1979: U.S. Sues Hooker Chemical at Niagara Falls, New York

December 3, 1979: "Bubble" Policy Added to EPA's Cleanup Strategy

July 19, 1979: EPA Survey Ship to Visit Washington

July 11, 1979: EPA Establishes Hazardous Waste Enforcement and Emergency Response System; Names 60 New Sites

June 13, 1979: Administration Proposes Hazardous Waste Cleanup Fund

April 19, 1979: EPA Bans PCB Manufacture; Phases Out Uses

February 23, 1979: EPA Rules Increase Public Role in Environmental Programs

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November 22, 1978: 1978 Water Quality Agreement Signed by U.S. and Canada

October 15, 1978: Government Ban on Fluorocarbon Gases in Aerosol Products Begins October 15 [1978]

September 29, 1978: EPA Sets New National Air Pollution Standard for Lead

June 16, 1978: DOT, EPA Join To Combat Transportation-Caused Pollution in Urban Areas

June 13, 1978: EPA Announces New Rules on Industrial Growth in Clean Air Areas

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December 28, 1977: Statement by Douglas M. Costle on Enactment of the Clean Water Act of 1977

August 5, 1977: Statement by Douglas M. Costle on Passage of Clean Air Act Amendments of 1977

July 22, 1977: Blum Starts Report Reduction Campaign at EPA

July 14, 1977: EPA Says Scrubbers Necessary for Health Protection Under Coal Conversion Plan

June 25, 1977: EPA Safe Drinking Water Standards Go into Effect Today

May 31, 1977: EPA to Regulate Benzene, a Suspected Cause of Leukemia

March 4, 1977: Barbara Blum - Biography

March 4, 1977: Douglas M. Costle - Biography

January 19, 1977: Train Hails Court Decision on Transportation Controls

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December 13, 1976: New Law to Control Hazardous Wastes, End Open Dumping, Promote Conservation of Resources

October 21, 1976: Train Sees New Toxic Substances Law as "Preventive Medicine"

July 16, 1975: Working Catalysts Required on Imported Cars

February 2, 1976: EPA Begins Two-Year Monitoring Survey of Broadcast Radiation in Major United States Cities

January 27, 1976: EPA Secures Over 700 Environmental Jobs for Welfare Recipients

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October 24, 1975: U.S.-Soviet Environmentalists to Discuss Joint Research

August 11, 1975: New DDT Report Confirms Data Supporting 1972 Ban, Finds Situation Improving

July 30, 1975: Train Stops Manufacture of Heptachlor/Chlordane, Cites Imminent Cancer Risk

July 10, 1975: Quarles Testifies on the Need for Toxic Substances Act

April 22, 1975: Train Stresses Long-Range Planning as the Environmental Movement Comes of Age

April 17, 1975: Federal Government Will Not Award Contracts, Grants, or Loans to Water and Air Polluters

March 27, 1975: EPA Designated International Data Center

January 31, 1975: EPA Administrator Reorganizes Enforcement and General Counsel Office

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December 18, 1974: Train Names 80 Cities for EPA Drinking Water Survey

November 27, 1974: EPA Issues "Significant Deterioration" Regulations

November 22, 1974: EPA Administrator Cites Benefits of Pollution Control Programs

May 20, 1974: EPA to Exhibit Documerica Photographs

January 28, 1974: EPA and General Mills Kick Off Public Service Campaign on the Environment

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November 28, 1973: EPA Requires Phase-Out of Lead in All Grades of Gasoline

October 15, 1973: Transportation Controls Established in Major Urban Areas to Lower Air Pollution Levels

August 23, 1973: EPA Issues Public Participation Regulations

July 30, 1973: EPA Issues First Municipal Wastewater Discharge Permit in the Nation

June 4, 1973: EPA Sets Auto Maintenance Regulations

April 30, 1973: Robert W. Fri - Biography

April 30, 1973: John R. Quarles, Jr. - Biography

April 8, 1973: Earth Week 1973

March 8, 1973: EPA Voices Support for Safe Drinking Water Act

March 2, 1973: Indiana and Federal EPA Announce Issuance of Nation's First Wastewater Permits

February 13, 1973: EPA Releases Guidelines for New Water Quality Standards

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December 31, 1972: DDT Ban Takes Effect

November 8, 1972: EPA to Ask for Comments on New Pesticides Law

August 2, 1972: Las Vegas Laboratory Designated National Environmental Research Center

May 7, 1972: EPA Using Aircraft to Study Eutrophication in Lakes

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October 19, 1971: EPA Defines Air Pollution Danger Levels

August 13, 1971: EPA Approves First State Clean Air Plans

April 30, 1971: EPA Sets National Air Quality Standards

March 4, 1971: Hearings Set on Automobile Pollution Control

February 19, 1971: U.S. Files Suit Against U.S. Steel and DuPont in Indiana

February 9, 1971: EPA Designates Four Corners Interstate Air Quality Region Boundaries

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December 16, 1970: First Administrator on Establishment of EPA

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